Bigboymachine Niksa Novakovic banned from Chaturbate

Some progress , Chaturbate have finally done the right thing and closed down the bigboymachine account. I am sure there have been multiple complaints and a number of those folks have contacted me. At the same time be aware he is likely to try and appear again with a new profile so look carefully for his face. I have been silent for a while but I am going to start to post extracts from my chats with him along with similar chats from other folks with their permission. I don’t want anyone to be in any doubt what a con artist he is.

Am I blackmailing him?

Folks my post has been out for a while and in the meantime as you can see I have been contacted by several people all sharing similar experiences and losing large amounts of money. I have since learns he has a gambling habit and uses this to get himself out of trouble. Of course that could just be yet another fabrication…

I was recently contacted by someone who shared that Niksa’s version is that I am blackmailing him and that the comments are fake by me. Let me assure everyone that is not the case and this scam artist cannot be trusted with anything he says. Remember I have the entire transcript of our conversation and have seen the same of a couple of folks in Europe ewo had the same experience. If he persists to spread these rumors I won’t hesitate to post the entire sorry story and you can judge for yourselves. The guy is an ass.

Niksa Novakovic – Bigboymachine a chaturbate scammer


Zašto to radimo? (Hrvatski)

I am compelled to start this for two reasons…. just been severley burned and need to expose the folks that do it and secondly get some therapy out of it… Just how can they do it…?

I’m an intelligent ‘normal’ middle-aged single man, or so I think. I have been single for a while with no real intent of dating but like the idea of company and satisfy myself with porn/chat sites when I feel the need. I am sure that describes a large group of people too so I know I am not alone. I am sure my story is certainly not unique and if I were to read it I would certainly be saying ‘how could some one fall for that’ or ‘why do they do it?’ So I want to talk about it, rationalize it, try and find a way to avoid it.

First, let me start by telling the story of what brought this to a head and show the type of person that can do these things and perhaps why it could happen….

Meet Niksa, from Croatia, also know as ‘bigboymachine‘…. He sent these pictures to me directly so they are not copyrighted. I met him on chaturbate

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Niksa Novakovic on vacation Niksa Novakovic  or Bigboymachine on vacation before scamming me Niksa Novakovic on vacation spending scamming money Niksa Novakovic having fun

Handsome isn’t he? His imgtoon and facebook pages (he just took his facebook page down when he realzied I had found it) makes him seem like a pretty normal young guy. He is a chatroom porn star that I found on and started to chat with a little over two weeks ago. You will also come across his published videos on many other porn sites, just google his screen name. Pretty hot stuff…

If only I had left it at that but his hashtags indicated he was interested in coming to the USA, so i started a dialogue with him. This is where your disbelief will start and my own… He told me he could come immediately but he would need $500 deposit for ‘travel expenses’, I sent. I then immediately booked him a flight and sent details based on his request to stay for two weeks and have some time for other things. It felt kind of exciting and dangerous but that in itself might be part of the problem.

I was a little nervous as I did not hear from him for a few days and sent messages on What’s app. He assured me things were good but he was on holiday. I did not hear much more until last weekend when we exchanged a couple of messages about arrangements and expressing excitement, so although pretty dodgy, kind of OK at this point. He is due to travel to the USA on Friday 20th July.

Monday last week is when it started to fall apart and I got swallowed up by his strong tone of desperation and insistence and it quickly went down hill from there. I will start with the punchline so you can pick your mouth of the floor and then the detail. As of today, in addition to the $500 I gave him initially, I have sent him a total of $5,100 in cash in addition to a further $1800 for another plane ticket! All of the cash I sent he had promised to pay back when he was in the USA. So as I said at the beginning… ‘Why do we do it….’ just how do we fall for this?

On Monday morning I got a panic text telling me he was driving back from his holiday in a rental car without a card and needed $1500 to pay for it, could I help.  Of course you would say no to a stranger right.. of course not. I allowed myself to be engaged in a desperate dialogue with him which, when I read again, does a great job of convincing me he is in trouble. I am a nice guy and thinking the best in people I agree to help. Further pressure caused by the fact that I am travelling for work and he needs cash. A lot of confusing dialogue and I agree to Venmo the money which I do. He then tells me that won’t work but he can’t send the Venmo back right now. So I then agree to Zelle a further amount, trusting I would get the Venmo back. I send a further 1,500. He is eternally grateful and we exchange a few more texts in the next few days…

Thusday evening 5pm central time, I get a text from Niksa starting by asking if i could change the trip as he was not feeling well, could he come next week. I said no as I had other plans. We then got in to another pressured text exchange where he said he could not come as he did not have a credit card (i realized I never asked why) and was waiting for one to arrive from Wells Fargo. Again, without the line by line blows.. I ended up over the course of the next 2 hours of continuous chat sending him a further $800 by zelle and that we would talk in the morning (of his arrival). I was awake at 4am to get an early flight to find a text from him saying he felt better and wanted to come but he was $400 short. I sent it and also booked a new ticket for that day. He was ‘happy and excited’ and as left for the airport, he was en route to Zagreb (he lives in Rijeka). He sends pictures of his bags packed and ready to go.


In the meantime he had sent pictures of his bags packed etc. We text through his journey and as a frequent traveller myself I check flight status etc. I receive messages from him to tell me he is at the airport and checked in and on the plane. I leave on my own journey and see his flight is delayed and he will possible miss his connection, so I text and offer a hotel for the night. In the meantime the connecting flight is also delayed so he should be fine. I did not get any further text at that point.  I was feeling nervous but having expressed that to him, he reassures me all is good, there was a little doubt but I convince myself there is no way someone would be so brazen.

Sadly I go to the airport and of course he is a no show. Also no texts or responses…. 😦 You think it would end there… no….This morning he texts me to say he is in Paris, missed the connection and stayed in a hotel, he needs money for the hotel. Of course at this point I know I am screwed but decide to play along. He needs $400. I start to ask questions. He has done some homework as he tells me he is on the next scheduled flight from Paris and sends me the details. I had already had a call from Air France to tell me he was a no-show in Zagreb. I ask for information about his hotel, how he got the flight etc. Instead he simply tries to pressure again saying if he doesn’t get the money he cant come and if he gets it he will definitely be there. Now he turns to try and guilt trip even although he hasn’t answered my questions and I know he is not in Paris, ‘i left him abandoned in Paris with no money… ‘ ‘I am a liar and and cheat…’ He send more pics of his bags and passport to prove he is there.


Tells me he is going to have to be rescued by his parents… Then he threatens to block me but has a final attempt at insisting if I send the money he will be there today….

So there is the sad, sorry story. A young 25 year old scammer who is now $5,100 better off at my expense. My own fault.. yes but lets try and expose them for what they are. Also let this be a lesson to  myself and others out there that may be excited by the fantasy and get carried away.

I was smart enough to save the transcript of our entire dialogue form beginning to end, so any of his friends that I am sharing this link with who want to doubt it, I can happily share it…

Some general information on Niksa. This is all publicly available information.

  • He uses a US cell phone number for chatting but it does not receive calls. This is what I used to pay him.
  • He uses his gmail account
  • He has a wells fargo account that i was shown a number of times.

Next time more on just why do we let ourselves get so carried away…..