Bigboymachine Niksa Novakovic banned from Chaturbate

Some progress , Chaturbate have finally done the right thing and closed down the bigboymachine account. I am sure there have been multiple complaints and a number of those folks have contacted me. At the same time be aware he is likely to try and appear again with a new profile so look carefully for his face. I have been silent for a while but I am going to start to post extracts from my chats with him along with similar chats from other folks with their permission. I don’t want anyone to be in any doubt what a con artist he is.

Am I blackmailing him?

Folks my post has been out for a while and in the meantime as you can see I have been contacted by several people all sharing similar experiences and losing large amounts of money. I have since learns he has a gambling habit and uses this to get himself out of trouble. Of course that could just be yet another fabrication…

I was recently contacted by someone who shared that Niksa’s version is that I am blackmailing him and that the comments are fake by me. Let me assure everyone that is not the case and this scam artist cannot be trusted with anything he says. Remember I have the entire transcript of our conversation and have seen the same of a couple of folks in Europe ewo had the same experience. If he persists to spread these rumors I won’t hesitate to post the entire sorry story and you can judge for yourselves. The guy is an ass.